Friday, 29 January 2016


The cover of a book can be the most important part of the book. It’s definitely the one that speaks to you enough to get you looking closer. 

this week you get to help chose the cover art and as you do you’ll enter to win the ebook in question

RULES: go to Bronwyn’s and April’s blog, take a good look at the cover art, then comment, telling us which cover you liked best by simply putting Bronwyn or April into the comment

Cover art will be chosen by which cover gets the most votes over the two blogs on Friday 5th of Feb
Winner will be chosen randomly, 1 winner across the 2 blogs, on Friday the 5th of Feb

 Next Friday we will reveal the cover, blurb and winners
Have fun and good luck

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Encounter Space bundle

Fifteen years ago a group of mates were swimming in a lake when a bright light caught them and took them to a place of cages and slavery

These are their stories

This book is created because I had a wonder if I could put this bind-up on Amazon Unlimited, however I’ve not actually been able to work that one out yet. Which is why it’s only on Amazon right now.

The plan is to have each book added to the series as I publish them, until the book is big enough to be a paperback and then volume 2 will happen.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Encounter Space Release Day

Outside Sanity by Bronwyn Heeley
(Encounter Space #1)
Publish 26th of January 2016 by BonyDee Press
Science Fiction Romance

Trading one master for another or that’s what it seems to John but can there be more to this space ship than meets the eye?

John life was nothing but masters and pain. He couldn’t remember life any other way and didn’t believe it was ever going to change. Mita however has other plans, but can he get the human to believe he’s truly free?

Note: there is no sexual intercourse in the pages of this book

Flash Us Tuesday

Welcome to 2016 Flash Us Tuesday, this year I thought I’d do something different. I’m going to open it up to you guys. Got a picture you’d like a flash fiction of? A sentence? Send it our way, either comment, facebook or email with ‘flash us Tuesday’ in the subject line and Bronwyn will write you a flash fiction of your own.

Picture: two guys on a bed. the closest one is on his belly, his arms up covering most of his face, tho you can see him looking at the camera. The one behind him is on his elbow, facing the camera his hand on the first man impressive arse

His hand smooths along Jay’s backbone, running from neck to arse, where it sat, holding. He loved holding that arse, smooth, firm and perfect. An arse that’s his and his alone, even if the whole world gets to see it.

Friday, 22 January 2016


So clearly the idea came first, but shortly after that, before the challenge had been written out, came the idea of characters. April and Bronwyn chatted about it for a while and this is the cast that came with it.

Okay so we are just going to have a little run through to learn more, or to have them become more you need to go to April and Bronwyn’s blogs to find out how they saw them, and how different they’ll be in each story

Main Character: Jonah
Love Interest: Scott
Best Mate/Friend: Vince
MC’s Sister: Janey
MC’s Mother
MC’s Father and Mistress
MC’s Sisters work friend: Hank

Time Line: 2 months. That’s the time from his sister’s engagement party to her wedding