Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Moonlit Wolves Promotion

on the 15th of December 2015 Bronwyn is releasing a companion anthology from my Moonlit Wolves series with Extasybooks. each short story has a connection to the books in the series before it. I have created the promotional art for the book.

if you'd like a review copy for the book, please contact us with the formatting you'd wish it in, along with blog name, thank you

Moonlit Wolves 7.5: Moonlit Escapades 

There is never a time when a visit from old friends isn’t comforting

Ever wonder how Jex and Matt ended up in that compromising position in book 4? Or what the fight between Phil and Craig was about? Or about how they all became so close and ended up living together?
Well here’s your chance. All the missing pieces that were linked but not fully explained are bundled together in this heart-warming anthology, and just in time for Christmas, because who doesn’t like to visit from family at this time of year.
Note: series must be read in order, however these shorts can be read separately, they’ll just be enjoyed more as companions.

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