Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Flash Us Tuesday


Welcome all to Flash Us Tuesday where every Tues I will give you a Drabble, Micro Flash and or Prompt fiction. At the end (okay so when I’m done editing the whole thing) I will be turning it into a little promotional notebook.

Hope you enjoy these, though if you’ve been to my birthday event a few of these will probably look familiar

“Holly fuck,” I licked my lips as Craig brushed his, I knew I was mimicking everything he did. When the man decided to undress himself in front of me, my brain to body notes were under serious threat. When the hips rolled and the first button on his shirt popped, I realised the seduction for what it was. My brain went into meltdown. All it could do was watch and mimic, but then, who the hell could concentrate on anything as simple as breathing with sex on two legs in front of them. Hell, he was getting naked, and I could see hair. Hair! A cute little tuff that made my mouth water and my tongue want a taste.

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