Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Flash Us Tuesday


Welcome all to Flash Us Tuesday where every Tues I will give you a Drabble, Micro Flash and or Prompt fiction. At the end (okay so when I’m done editing the whole thing) I will be turning it into a little promotional notebook.

Hope you enjoy these, though if you’ve been to my birthday event a few of these will probably look familiar

Ben’s hips shifted across the bed as his leg moved onto Frank’s. The brush of hair and muscle had Ben palmed his already hard dick as he listened to the slow drawl of his lover’s voice as he read out line after line, scene after scene, of the hottest sex he’d heard in a long time.
Ben was more into the visual arts of porn, but hearing Frank talk out a love scene in one of the man’s romances he seemed to collect had Ben rethinking the idea of only being a DVD bloke.
When Frank’s words trailed off, Ben felt a pit of disappointment. “What happened to Max now that John’s gotten what he wanted?”
Frank smiled at Ben, opened his mouth, and continued reading.

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