Tuesday, 3 November 2015



Welcome all to Flash Us Tuesday where every Tues I will give you a Drabble, Micro Flash and or Prompt fiction. At the end (okay so when I’m done editing the whole thing) I will be turning it into a little promotional notebook.

Hope you enjoy these, though if you’ve been to my birthday event a few of these will probably look familiar

“You want me to do what?” Ton asked as he looked at the pole they’d been walking to.
He wants you up there, with Finn in front of you.”
Ton swallowed hard. “Like I’ve gotta climb up a pole?”
“Only a little.” Gabby smiled, her eyes crinkled, Ton bet she knew he’d hate it the minute she’d been given the details.
“In these?” Ton looked down at his boots, a thin six inch spike, under his tight shorts.
He wants one of you up there, and you’d better hurry, Mr Davis doesn’t like waiting for the props.” She spoke in a hushed hurried tone, looking around her, they both knew it was the truth, but it wasn’t in good grace to bitch about the photographer, even if the man had more ego than ability – and he was a leading artist. Most people would kill to get shot by him
“Fuck it, Ton,” Finn said from behind him, pushing him out of the way, as he went towards the pole. “I’ll look better up there anyway.”

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