Sunday, 1 November 2015

Blast From The Past – Love Without Knowing It

This book was written for Movember, which is a month long charity organisation for male health. Bronwyn is hoping to add more to this title, but for not all I have is this one, which is for prostate cancer

Love Without Knowing It by Bronwyn Heeley
(November #1)
Published 1st of November 2014
Contemporary Romance

When everything Paul had ever known turned upside down, suddenly he needs to man up and fight for the love he’s always feared.

Paul’s life was set. He had what he needed and what he was comfortable with. Then a night with one of his regular lovers pulls him into the drama of sickness, love, and death.
In the end, Paul needs to work a few things out first: Is he strong enough to fall in love with a man that may need more than he’s able to give, or will he fall into old habits and run when the relationship gets too complicated?

Matt and Paul are lovers with a no-strings-attached agreement, but when Matt gets sick Paul is forced to consider what his life would be like without Matt in it.

LOVE WITHOUT KNOWING IT is a moving and dramatic story about life, love, commitment and facing your deepest fears head on.

"Life wasn't fair. It was hard, and each battle left scars, and sometimes they seemed to all string together until it felt as if you did nothing but battle, day after day."

Bronwyn Heeley captures the essence of human nature in this emotionally charged contemporary romance that challenges readers to live life to its fullest and focus on today.
--Carly’s Book Reviews

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