Sunday, 22 November 2015

Authoring 101: Formatting Guide

Something a little different. I have created a Do It Yourself eBook Formatting & Uploading ebook. It was actually a little harder to write then I thought it would be going into it. And I’m scared shitless at of having you all use it. But honestly I won’t know if it’s any good until I do.

So…here’s the BETA or ARC version of my How To Book.  It’s still a little rough, as I’ve not had a proofread. If I’m honest, I have a big feeling I’ve forgotten something though I’ve been through it twice as well as formatted two different things between that and I can’t see it.

Please feel free to use my guide. It’s free (will always be free) and if you wish to comment here or email me of any mistakes – including if you’d like me to look over your it for any reason please contact me at bonydeemdp[@]gmail[dot]come with ‘formatting ebook’ in the subject line

I have also opened up the formatting part of our company. Please go to the PAGE HERE and see pricing and everything else you need to know, if you are interested.

How to Format Your eBook
PDF ǀ ePub ǀ mobi

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