Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Flash Us Fiction


Welcome all to Flash Us Tuesday where every Tues I will give you either a Drabble, Micro Flash and or Prompt fiction. At the end (okay so when I’m done editing the whole thing) I will be turning it into a little promotional note book.

Hope you enjoy these, though if you’ve been to my birthday event a few of these will probably look familiar

Fingers locked, skin to skin. Brain felt the weight of John on him, loved it in fact, as the other man leant in close, brushed stubble against stubble, sparking a fire in his jaw that radiated through his body.
They panted against each other, living in the aftershocks of orgasm and exercise that always came with lovemaking. Brain shifted his arms, bringing them from above his head, letting the ache easy, but his fingers still stayed locked with John, that connection wasn’t going to be lost, not while he flew.

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