Monday, 26 October 2015

Blast From the Past - Hunted

Hunted is a free story I wrote in 2011, on the drive up to Ocean Shore (which is about 30 mins north of Byron Bay)

Truly though this is for that nighttime pit stop at one of the backpack killers more notorious rest stops locations where he’d kidnap and kill his victim. And you’re in the car all by yourself. Only a truck nearby. You’re not quite sure if someone’s going to come and take you, or if your partner, who’s just gone to use the loo, is even going to come back.
And what are you meant to do if he doesn’t?

It’s one of those stories that I loved so much I had to revamp it and publish it

Hunted by Bronwyn Heeley
Contemporary thriller

 There’s only really one thing you can do when you escape from a madman; run.
You just gotta hope he doesn’t catch up to you!

“Well written and scary – Goldylox”


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