Wednesday, 7 October 2015

All About Writing Wednesday - I Wrote A Book, Now What?

That was me this time last year. I was so excited to get the novella done. It even had a title, Whispers of Home. It was as perfect as I could make it, grammatically at least. I say this last part with the knowledge that I still mix up then and than like some middle schooler. Yeah, my grammar could certainly be a lot better.

So anyway, I sat there staring at that precious document with mixed emotions. On the one hand I was so proud of myself for actually finishing it. That's the first step and sometime the hardest to make. At least for me it was. On the other hand, what if it sucked.

I had read some advice about writing somewhere that went a little something like this: Write something that doesn't suck. I don't know who it was that said this. It wasn't me. It's such simple advice, but some that is hard to achieve sometimes.

Anyway, I stared at my very first manuscript as if it were a poisonous snake about ready to strike. With fascinated horror, because what if it really did suck and this crazy dream of mine died a fast death.

I contacted a good friend of mine, one that I trusted to really tell me the truth. If she thought it was bad than I knew it really was crap and I could just start over. She was my very first beta reader. She still does that for me sometimes actually.

Beta Readers are those trusted individuals who you send your rewritten manuscript to. They are the ones that will tell you exactly how your shit stinks and how badly.

So it goes like this or at least this is the way that I do it:

1. Write

2. Rewrite until you can't rewrite anymore.

3. Beta Reader. Early on, I sent it to more than one beta reader. Now, it's just one because I usually know what's crappy and what's not.

4. Editor-oh yes, I definitely recommend finding yourself a good editor and paying their fee. Even if you go with a traditional publisher. Especially if you're a first time submitter like i was. If you self-publish than you'll need to find one anyway.

5. Traditional publisher vs. Self-publishing. Oh the choices!

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