Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Welcome with a Bit of History

Hello everyone who has entered this blog and welcome

I decided to make a blog because it’s what most companies have, and though I don’t want to consider myself one, I am all the same.

BonyDee is pronounced, on my end, BonnyDee, a miss spelling early in the self-publishing program had me missing a letter and apparently changing the way the name is said.
Saying this, say it how you wish, it won’t change anything, just thought you’d all like to know


The person who is saying ‘I’ is Bronwyn Heeley, author and BonyDee Press started as my self-publishing handle.

Back when I started into this publishing business when no one read anything that was published by an author or at least they said so. This made me realise if I wanted in this publishing business I needed a name that wasn’t my author name.

BonnyDee is a name my brother came up with when we were in our late teens and it stuck with all my friends.

This brings us to the company. Apparently, I can’t keep things small and so now I have a complete compony


I am also about to open up my new website made by my brother-in-law. It’s a first site for him and so I’m not even going to do a grand opening on that until the a few months have passed so that we can be sure to get all the kinks out.

The site will be the main hub for my author side and the company. You will be able to buy my (and others) ebooks from it, along with other odds and ends, when the time comes.

Now let’s get to know the parts of the company…


The thing is I am not an indie publisher in the normal sense. I am a site that allows self-published author a place to sell their books in order to get the most of their money. I do not do contracts, or edits. though for a small fee I can format and make e-types (epub, mobi, ect)

In the future, this might change, but for now, BonyDee Press is a set of authors who just want to run under the same name.

So when you learn about the authors of the company you will learn about them, inside and outside this company. You won’t get promo for outside posted on this blog but when welcoming them you will get there full backlist no matter where they come from.


This is done by me. I love making covers but I will only see myself as what I am. A cover designer, not an artist, and therefore am taking away the design option from my designs. Sorry, I will allow request of sorts, but I’m not going to be making specific covers for others. I don’t have the means, the experience, or the time.

I will however I will tinker, if able, with the covers I have.

My covers are cheap, which means they aren’t perfect and why the first part was added. I think if I went into it more, then you’d have to pay more.

However, I do love designing and generally do it when I’m stressed and writing won’t help.


This is a yet to be filled out part.

In the long run, I’d love to run events to help new to the industry authors learn more about it. However I would like a marketing diploma under my name because I feel completely comfortable starting those up.

I do however plan to gain this by starting a 101 guide bi-annual post. So if there’s anything you’d like to know please feel free to contact me and I’ll write up a post for it.

I hope this answers some of your questions and that I will see you all over there as soon as it’s up and running.
Next up you’ll get to learn a little more about the authors under BonyDee Press

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