Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Meet Author Bronwyn Heeley

Hello everyone I’m, well, me. I’m Australian. I live in the Blue Mountains with my family for 4.

I am a, for all tense and purposes, a full time writer. I generally write short stories and/or short novellas, which are generally MM romance or erotica. However, I have written thrillers and will most likely write lot of different things in my time. I can’t write the same story repeatedly, unfortunately. The end of next year I am even going to try my hand at young adults (it’s going to be so much fun) and even a kids book.

The history of me is pretty simple and honestly I’m kind of sick of telling it, so you’ll have to look up my bio to see. it ain’t hard.

I’m not sure what else to tell you, other than here are my link

 And well this…


Published via BonyDee Press

My Kevin
Gotta Start Somewhere
Running Scared
Being That for You (coming 2015)
The Long Way Home (coming soon)
Me Her & You (coming soon)

A Road Worth Traveling
ARWT part 1: DRitC 2015: Love is an Open Road
ARWT in full (coming 2016)

Love without Knowing It
Life from Death (coming soon)

Encounter Space
My Outside My Inside
Outside Sanity (coming 2016)

An Alphas World
Taking a Stand (coming 2016)
Deep into the Woods (coming soon)

Don’t Judge…
No Biggy It’s Just A Kiss (coming soon)

Moonlit Wolves
Loved By A Werewolf
Forever With My Werewolf
Seeking My Werewolf
Taking Control of My Werewolf
A Werewolf’s Howl
The Rub of My Werewolf
Protecting My Werewolf
Moonlit Escapades (coming 2015)
Picturing My Werewolf (coming soon)
Catching a Werewolf’s Attention (coming soon)

Second Pack of Cameron
Ben’s Wolf Surprise
Tentative Steps Forward (coming soon)
Wolf’s Desperate Mate (coming soon)
Something In The Water (coming soon)
Unexpected Appearance (coming soon)


Published via BonyDee Press

April Kelley
Short Story Collection (paperback)
The Way Life Turns (coming soon)

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