Wednesday, 16 September 2015

All About Writing Wednesday

So last week I talked about how important reading was for me as a writer. Reading is where it all started for me. Reading led to writing reviews for a couple of the bigger review sites.

So what does Reviewing books have to do with Writing books?

1. Well, reviewing for as many years as I did was great writing practice. And practice is never a waste of time.

2. I just read a blurb for this book that was a mess. I won't name the book as everyone has their own opinion on things like this. Writing reviews definitely helped me write decent blurbs. If you're an author than you know how hard it sometimes can be. That one little paragraph can sometimes be the hardest part.

3. Reviewing definitely gave me an opportunity the read things that I might not have read. I definitely
have some most read authors that quickly jumped on my favorite list after I review their book. One of my all time favorite author's is Carol Lynne. I reviewed a Campus Cravings book, which had been the first time I had ever read anything by her. I bought that book and every single book she's ever written to date.

Visit Carol Lynne's website if you'd like to check out any of her books.

4. Free books. Duh. If you didn't know a lot of times a reviewer will get the books they review for free from the author or publisher. As an avid reader, reviewing really helped my pocketbook.

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